Three things to update an summer wadrobe

My mood has a big influence on how I dress from day to day. But mostly, I most admit, maybe a bit sad, I have a  tend to choose natural colors – or mostly black. In order to compensate for all the black things I have in my wardrobe I use colorful accessories, shoes and bags.

That’s why I have chosen three colorful things to update my black wardrobe to an delightful summer wardrobe instead, and hopefully give you some inspiration as well.

Image 1 of Ash Hysteria Colour Block Wedges Shoes from ASH called Ash Hysteria Colour Block Wedges seen on – I will be using these shoes all summer, to shorts, dresses, skirts and jeans (if it gets cold). The pink and orange bands going across the shoe will also be super hot to a pair of brown legs and doesn’t cut your leg so it looks shorter than it is.

Image 1 of Jas M.B. Blinkers Folio ClutchJas M.B. Blinkers Folio Clutch seen on might not be so colorful, but still it’s not black and has an edginess that will go perfectly to all my small and COLORFUL bracelets on my arm.

Womens Push Lock Belt in pink seen on is after my opinion a a cool belt. I like to define my waist with a belt, it’s colorful, got the Mulberry lock that I adore and it also gives you the opportunity to regulate so it’s fit you which Im quite happy about, because that’s a big problem for me.


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