Three things to update an summer wadrobe

My mood has a big influence on how I dress from day to day. But mostly, I most admit, maybe a bit sad, I have a  tend to choose natural colors – or mostly black. In order to compensate for all the black things I have in my wardrobe I use colorful accessories, shoes and bags.

That’s why I have chosen three colorful things to update my black wardrobe to an delightful summer wardrobe instead, and hopefully give you some inspiration as well.

Image 1 of Ash Hysteria Colour Block Wedges Shoes from ASH called Ash Hysteria Colour Block Wedges seen on – I will be using these shoes all summer, to shorts, dresses, skirts and jeans (if it gets cold). The pink and orange bands going across the shoe will also be super hot to a pair of brown legs and doesn’t cut your leg so it looks shorter than it is.

Image 1 of Jas M.B. Blinkers Folio ClutchJas M.B. Blinkers Folio Clutch seen on might not be so colorful, but still it’s not black and has an edginess that will go perfectly to all my small and COLORFUL bracelets on my arm.

Womens Push Lock Belt in pink seen on is after my opinion a a cool belt. I like to define my waist with a belt, it’s colorful, got the Mulberry lock that I adore and it also gives you the opportunity to regulate so it’s fit you which Im quite happy about, because that’s a big problem for me.


What to do on a rainy day?

Copenhagen was very rainy, thundery and lighting yesterday, and if you are like me, you stay inside when it’s raining (unless I have some place to be) and yesterday was my first free day though I have had summer vacation for 2 weeks now – by the way not complaining.

I used the time yesterday under my quilt looking at all shoppers favorite thing on the internet – SALE – I love, love, love sales where you can get the items you couldn’t afford earlier or buy more things for the same price as one piece costed before sale. Like many others it makes my day to know that I have done a good deal. I already got my eyes on these lovely shoes from ASH on ASOS

Image 1 of Ash Hysteria Colour Block Wedges

What about you? Do you adore sales to? Take a look below to find some of my favorite sales on the internet right now!

Have a nice day!

– LaFilleSansNom

Cheap Monday Slouchy Dress with Twisted Racer Back

This week I just bought this AMAZING dress from Cheap Monday called Cheap Monday Slouchy Dress with Twisted Racer Back, is about 280 DKK or 30 pounds (Pictures shown below) it’s the all time summer dress (I know I’m going to live in that dress all summer). It can be dressed up and down as you prefer, I will use it as a vacation dress to throw over the bikini on the way to the beach and as a day dress with a pair of flip flops, ballerinas or a pair of low cut converse. In the evening I’m going to use it with wedges and a belt to define my waist, and if it should be getting a bit cold I will throw over a little jacket or a chic knit sweater locked together with a wide belt.

Hope you’ll find inspiration!


Image 1 of Cheap Monday Slouchy Dress with Twisted Racer BackImage 2 of Cheap Monday Slouchy Dress with Twisted Racer Back

Where to shop or not to shop, that is the question

Summer is now over us, and so are the sales and the summer vacation. There is so many sales and so many great things to shop right now, whether your going on vacation (hopefully some place warm), festivals or just staying home and enjoying the summer there is no excuse not to be getting yourself a super hot and inviting wardrobe or clean out in some of the things your not using.  “Where to shop or not to shop, that is the question” I mean there is so many great places to shop, especially on the internet, which I myself must say use quite a lot, sadly it’s shown on the credit history in the end of the month… I have shown a few of my favorite places to shop below, maybe you’ll find something to adore about them too?

Good luck!

– LaFilleSansNom

Some of my favorite places to shop – Both vintage and new clothing for and cool and edgy style, for all pocketbooks – Should I say the travel back in time? American has a lot of cool stuff, and as my mom would say OMG it’s things I used to wear in my youth. – Again beautiful and affordable clothing, can I say anything else than I love you? – Is what a would call a website with Bohemian Hippie Chic cloth – Is more than just a clothing website, you can also buy cool interior for your home, or what about a edgy necklace? – Is a bit like H&M – I absolutly adore Zara, they make some really affordable things that also have a fantastic cut, I especially adore their blazer jackets. They have such nice details on the back and is i a good materials. – Oh my sweet lord… Mulberry makes the most amazing bags, shoes and …. I could go on, if you never own one, I strongly recommend them, but be careful they are strongly addictive! – Marc sure understands how to make your phone, Mac or iPad feel a little better with his fabulous cases. I know my things never been treated better – Is H&M more expensive line, but still has some very affordable and cool items – Is a shopping site with the more expensive brands, such as Helmut Lang, Isabel Marant and so on. It’s definitely worth taking a look on that side – Do I even need to say anything about H&M? I mean you all now they make good and affordable clothing, no don’t need to say more cause you already know – Again a super dansih brand, that designs affordable clothing, the funny thing about Ganni is that their isn’t an actual designer hired, sometimes more designers work together on one collection, that means no collection looks identical to the former one – Looking for some cool and edgy jewelry, well you have come to the right place. Zarah designs earrings that are a bit expensive, but also really cool and worth every penny – I can’t say anything else that is timeless jewelry you can use forever is you take good care of it – Stine sure does understand to create some remarkable collection, I won’t say any more I think you should take a look yourself – Antother highstreet brand with cool and affordable clothing, another good thing about the high streets is that you can get the season trend fast and to an okay price – Again a highstreet brand that like the others understands to make good and affordable clothing, especially blouses and dresses with a low cut back which I personally adore – Once you tried a pair of their jeans or cashmere sweaters you never want to take it of. It’s a bit more expensive but as I say a long time investment – Didn’t get last season shoes from Alberto Fermani or couldn’t afford them? Don’t worry SoLastSeason is a website with a lot of the shoes, clothing and accessories from last seasons collection to remarkable prices – Oh my sweet …., ASOS has almost everything, accessories, shoes, clothing both from affordable brands inclusive their own, but also from designers that are a bit more expensive. It’s all of the best collected in one place, and if your more in to vintage don’t worry because they also got their own ASOS Marketplace where you can buy or sell clothing. Absolutely amazing! Also if you want to let your inner creativity out, you can combine cloth, shoes and accessories together as you like. Who knows maybe you’ll be able to win one of the contest in there? – Make good jeans, hot dresses, cool sweaters… What more is there to say other than we love!?